• Rita Arrigo
    Digital Advisor, Microsoft

    Rita  Arrigo  is  a  Chief  Digital  Advisor  at  Microsoft,  she  dreams,  designs  and  delivers  to  transform  the  business,  empower  the  employee,  deliver  new  connected  customer  experiences  and  re-invent  products.    With  experience  in  designing  transformational  digital  solutions  that  embrace  the  modern  workplace,  cognitive,  crypto-transactions  and  mixed-reality  across  multiple  industries,  she  engages  with  globally  distributed  teams;  mentor  and  motivate;  and  works  on  inclusive  accessible  design  in  an  AI  first  approach. 

    Her  work  at  Microsoft  is  focused  in  Smart  Buildings,  Connected  Manufacturing,  Digital  Health,  Connected  Vehicle  and  Experience  Design,  together  with  industry,  government  and  education  re-imagining  people,  place  and  technology  in  the  digital  world.    Her  passion  for  humanising  innovation  is  evident  in  her  view  of  the  next  boom  that  will  be  fuelled  by  the  collision  of  the  creative  and  technology  improving  of  daily  lives  and  digitally  transforming  our  cities,  lifestyle  and  play.  This  started  in  1993  when  she  co-founded  the  radio  show  Byte  Into  It  on  3RRR  aiming  to  reducing  techno  fear  and  bring  the  benefits  of  technology  to  a  larger  audience.  Since  that  she  has  launched  User  Groups,  Mentored  and  Attended  Hackathons,  Design  Thinking  to  engage  business  users  and  drive  customer  empathy  with  a  range  of  techniques  to  enable  new  technologies  to  flourish. 

    She  is  passionate  about  the  Rise  of  AI,  making  our  lives  more  human,  with  inclusive  workplaces,  rise  of  AI  for  customer  service,  the  future  of  work  with  Mixed  Reality  and  Machine  Learning  driving  more  personal  experiences,  that  will  make  our  lives  more  Human.  As  User  Interface  moves  from  SmartPhone  to  Ambient  and  Mixed  Reality,  Interactive  Design  becomes  Cognitive  Knowledge  and  Understanding,  the  new  killer  app  will  be  intelligence.  In  this  talk  She  is  listed  in  the  top  10  in  Microsoft  Global  Social  Selling  Index  and  is  currently  at  4th  place  global  in  employee  advocacy  on  Social  Media.

  • Brian Bailey
    Technology Innovation Manager, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The University of Sydney

    With a commercial background stretching back to the 1970s, Brian specialises in data, information and knowledge management leadership. Brian worked for Optus, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Gadens Lawyers, and the Copyright Agency, before moving into full-time strategy, innovation and technology consulting.

    Brian has worked in Higher Education since 2011, when he joined UTS to manage their IT infrastructure project portfolio, including a joint-venture with WSU to develop external data centre and ‘cloud’ service partnerships.

    Joining the University of Sydney in January 2015, Brian leads the technology and innovation operations of the University’s largest and most diverse faculty, in collaboration with central Professional Service Units and other faculties. Current aspects of the role include the implementation the Canvas LMS, a new curriculum mapping system, learning analytics, and the business adoption of the Office 365 suite of systems.

  • Tony Burrett
    Chief Product Officer, BindiMaps

    Tony Burrett is helping to revolutionise indoor navigation at BindiMaps, where he is chief product officer. Tony came to BindiMaps from BlueChilli, Australia’s largest tech startup accelerator, where he was chief delivery officer, shepherding the launch and development of more than 40 great Australian startups. He has also run his own digital agency with business partner Alan Jones, and he is the founder of Carsguide.com.au, which was News Limited’s online motoring business. Tony’s passion is launching, building and growing startup products and businesses.

  • Trent Clews-de Castella
    Founder and CEO, PHORIA

    Trent Clews-de Castella is the Co-founder and CEO of Victorian based immersive technology (VR/AR/MR) startup PHORIA. After pioneering interactive 3D tours and VR experiences into the Australian property sector. Trent and his team continue to innovate and pioneer Virtual and Augmented Reality powered proptech solutions into the mainstream arena.

    With a background in Psychology and strong interest in emerging immersive technology, Trent is fascinated by how new tools can augment our human capabilities. In particular, how AR and VR enable greater communication and environmental awareness to help multiple stakeholders streamline design, construction and maintenance of new and existing developments.
    In 2017, Trent secured his position in Forbes 30 under 30 for his innovative work in the enterprise sector. Today in 2018, Trent and the team at PHORIA are helping visualise world leading development projects with private partners and empowering government bodies to leverages these new tools to better activate and connect smart.

  • Zoë Condliffe
    CEO & Founder, She’s A Crowd

    Zoë Condliffe is the CEO & Founder of She’s A Crowd. She is a researcher in gender and crowdsourcing technology at Monash University. She is one of the 2018 Women’s Weekly Women of the Future for the Innovation and Technology category and her company is listed as number seven on Smart Company’s Smart 30 list.

    Zoë was named one of the Top 100 most influential, creative and provocative people in Melbourne by The Age when she was 21. She then went on to co-found international development projects, consult in the social enterprise space and gain a Master of Community Cultural Development. She is a gender equality advocate with a background in international development, project management and building youth-led social change movements. She has worked on building digital solutions for social problems within the international development sphere. As an artist she creates work that centres around female collective storytelling as healing from gender-based violence.

    She is a Young Social Pioneer with the Foundation for Young Australians, a fellow of the Oaktree Leader’s Trust, alumni of the Global Engagement Summit, and the winner of Anthill Magazine’s 30under30 young entrepreneurs award.

  • Adrian Daniels
    Asset Planning Engineer - Mechanical Services, Monash University

    Adrian Daniels is The Mechanical Services Asset planning Engineer for Monash University with over 42 year’s industry experience in Design, Contracting and Facility Management. He is responsible for developing and implementing the innovative University HVAC and Building Automation Growth Strategy targeting the Net Zero and Micro Grid initiatives. He is a Guest Lecturer for ‘Energy and the Environment' a 3rd year Bachelor of Environmental Engineering subject at Monash University offering the Students a unique insight into HVAC and its impact on Energy.

  • James Dellow
    Director, Digital Workplace Company

    James  Dellow,  Director,  Digital  Workplace  Company,  uses  human-centred  design  and  technology  management  know-how  to  provide  masterplanning  to  help  develop  organisations  that  are  digital  first  workplaces  from  the  ground  up. 

    He  is  a  human-centred  designer,  with  a  long-standing  interest  in  the  intersection  of  people,  place  and  technology  in  workplace  design.  His  consulting  experience  includes  collaborating  with  leading  design  studios  to  help  them  develop  workplace  strategies  for  companies  such  as  AMP,  King  &  Wood  Mallesons,  Rabobank,  and  Suncorp  that  take  into  account  new  ways  of  working,  technological  developments,  and  how  people  collaborate  and  share  knowledge.

  • Christophe Doche
    Executive Director, Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub

    A/Prof Christophe DOCHE is currently Executive Director of the Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub, a $10m joint initiative launched in 2016 by the University with Optus.

    He has led the creation of several academic programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the field of cyber security and data science. He is also leading the executive education and continuous professional development programs offered by the Cyber Security Hub. As such, he has managed the design and delivery of short courses for more than 300 Optus staff at every level of the organisation.

    His current research expertise lies in cryptography, more specifically in the design of asymmetric cryptographic algorithms. He has attracted close to $1m in Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grants and has published articles in prestigious cryptographic conferences such as EuroCrypt, AsiaCrypt, and PKC to cite a few. He is also one of the editors of the Handbook of Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography.

    Prior to his role within the Cyber Security Hub, he was Head of the Computing Department at Macquarie University from 2014 to 2016. He joined Macquarie in 2003, after working for two years on a project on the next generation of smart cards. This research focused on the use of elliptic and hyperelliptic curves for cryptographic purposes and was funded by the European Union and private companies such as Philips and Oberthur Card Systems.

    He was awarded a PhD in Algorithmic Number Theory in 2000 from the University of Bordeaux in France.

  • Vladimir Finn
    Strategic Director, PHORIA

    Vladimir is an organisational leader and strategist with over 20 years of global corporate experience in Technology, Engineering, Education and Health. Vladimir is also a long-term supporter of startups, having invested, run and mentored companies in 3D for construction, Smart Cities and asset management, patient medication and chronic disease, robotics and STEM in education and cutting-edge retail tech solutions.

    He currently provides guidance and strategy for the development and commercialisation of PHORIA IP, SaaS platforms and extensive global partnerships. Specific focus includes Council and Government bodies, education institutions and partnering with their support organisations.

  • Jacky He
    President-Student’s Representative Council, University of Sydney

    43 universities, 1.5 million university students, $140 billion contribution to Australia’s economy, university education is beyond all doubt the most optimistic industry in this country. As megatrends of sustainability and technology sweep through the global stage, the university students of nowadays may very well become the next influential person to change their industry. Connect with your talents, plant the seeds of innovation in the mind of all university students are the reasons why I urge you to attend the Smart Campus Summit 2019.

  • Tim Hoban
    Project Engineer, Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative

    Tim Hoban is the Project Engineer for Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative.  Working with the University’s Building and Property Division, to develop and implement the strategy to transition the University to operate on 100% renewable energy. Tim's experience lies in energy efficiency programs, energy audits, renewable energy implementation, business case development and detailed energy modelling.  He is now focused on the development of innovative technologies and solutions to manage building controls and energy demands through the Monash Smart Energy City project and the Cognitive Building & Smart campus programs.

  • Alan Longmiur
    Emergent Technologies Manager, Deakin eSolutions

    Alan Longmuir leads the Digital Future Lab at Deakin University, a specialist innovation team directed to create smart campus experiences and solutions and drive digital transformation within the organisation. 

    With over twenty years of experience leading technology operations and development Alan has a passion for marrying user centred design with emergent technologies to develop impactful and effective experiences. Alan has experience across a wide range of transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Immersive Digital Reality, Blockchain and Big Data and Analytics.

    As a highly experienced professional developing emergent strategy Alan has led and provided expertise for a range of award winning initiatives to transform Deakin into a true smart campus experience for all students, staff and visitors.

  • James MacDonald
    Founder, JM Recruitment & Newy Tech People

    James MacDonald is an expert at helping companies attract top talent into their organisation. Host of The Newy Tech People Podcast and the upcoming podcast called Attracting Top Talent, James has a passion for finding the right fit! Using his marketing background, he forms strong relationships with companies and gains a deep understanding of their needs as he helps them sell themselves and the job opportunity to the market. He is the founder of JM Recruitment and Newy Tech People and Co-founder of Newystartups.

  • Joe Millward
    Innovation Manager, TAFE NSW

    An Innovation Manager with over 16 years in Fortune 500 companies across diverse sectors including Education, Manufacturing, FMCG, Hardware and Software.
    Recognised as an industry thought leader in the Immersive Technology industry, Joe is regularly invited to speak at international conferences and guest lecture at Universities.

    Joe is tasked with leading a team to research the latest emerging technologies for TAFE NSW. He has developed expertise in identifying new trends in a wide range of digital technology from social media to mobile development and the rise of AI.

    His team are currently exploring the potential of Augmented & Virtual reality technology, how it will enhance education and training for TAFE NSW and the broader industry. The team has already published a number of academic papers on their progress and continue to shape and influence industry best practice.

  • David Murray
    Customer Insights & Innovation Manager, Operational Intelligence

    David  is  the  Customer  Insights  &  Innovations  Manager  for  Operational  Intelligence.  He  has  a  strong  background  in  Automotive,  HVAC,  BMS  and  Integration  software  solutions,  developed  over  20+  years  in  the  building  services  and  automation  industry.  Throughout  his  career,  David  has  worked  with  many  customers  on  numerous  projects  and  solutions.  His  current  focus  is  working  with  building  owners,  developers  and  portfolio  managers  to  help  them  achieve  the  best  outcomes  for  asset  performance  and  human  productivity  in  the  race  for  digital  transformation  of  buildings,  cities  and  workspaces.

  • Conal Newland
    Director-Student Accommodation, Savills

    Conal brings over 12 years specialist sector experience advising both universities and private sector clients. He has extensive experience in valuation and advisory and student accommodation transactions.

    He relocated to Australia at the start of 2013 after having worked in the UK since 2004.
    Conal is a Registered Valuer (UK and New Zealand) and a Certified Practicing Valuer (Australia). In the UK Conal acted for a large number of UK developers and funding institutions providing formal valuation advice. Some of Conal’s major clients included Unite Group Plc and Universities Partnerships Programme (UPP).

    From 2013 – 2016 Conal has worked for the majority of the top Australian commercial operators and provided valuation advice on an asset and portfolio basis to clients including Urbanest, Iglu, UniLodge, Frasers, CLV, Scape and Valparaiso.
    He also advises a number of universities including the University of Sydney, UNSW, UTS, Macquarie University, The University of Melbourne, RMIT, Deakin University, the University of Queensland and QUT.

    His UK experience includes successfully completing UK student accommodation transactions comprising 10,000 bedrooms with total combined project finance value of over £550 million. In Australia, he acted on behalf of Transfield Group on the sale of RMIT Village in Melbourne, the first large-scale off-campus operational student accommodation property offered to the market in Australia. The sale completed in February 2014 for $60 million. He completed the sale of UniLodge @ Metro in Adelaide in October 2015 and worked on the sales team on the divestment of UniLodge @ UNSW in Sydney which completed in August 2016.

  • Bill Parasiris
    Executive Director Office of Estate and Commercial Division of Finance & Resources, Western Sydney University

    A proud Western Sydney University graduate and lifelong Western Sydney resident, Bill Parasiris is currently the Executive Director, Estate and Commercial, at Western Sydney University (WSU). In this role, Bill heads the Office of Estate and Commercial (OEC), within the University’s Division of Finance and Resources. OEC is responsible for managing the University's $2.2 billion portfolio of properties and campuses and all commercial operations.

    Bill’s career has spanned multiple sectors, including retail, commercial, industrial, residential and education.

    He is currently overseeing the University’s Western Growth program of work, a $7B large-scale transformative initiative in higher education that will deliver the highest quality educational opportunities and world-class research expertise to Australia’s fastest growing region.
    Key WSU projects overseen by Bill include the delivery of WSU’s state-of-the-art Peter Shergold Building at 1 Parramatta Square, home to the University’s School of Business, in December 2016; Commercialisation of the University’s student accommodation in 2013; and the Liverpool City Campus in the burgeoning CBD of Liverpool in March 2018.

  • Lynne Payne
    Industry Portfolio Manager-Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University

    A passionate Marketing Communications and Public Relations specialist Lynne connects industry and community and academia for a smarter future. Building on a long consulting career Lynne works with the Faculty of IT, Monash University as Industry Portfolio Manager. Lynne connects industry partners with the talent, innovation, creativity and smarts the Faculty has to offer. From research programs to student projects Lynne enjoys facilitating the collaboration opportunities that really can change and impact the way we live and contribute to our world. From Cybersecurity, Data Science, Computer Human Interaction and Creativity, and Organisational Social Informatics Lynne connects talent, capability and industry requirements to solve problems and drive change.

  • Dave Perrau
    Director of Project Operations, International School of Kuala Lumpur

    David Perrau is the Director of Project Operations at ISKL and has held various leadership positions within the global construction industry over the past 20 years.

    David brings to ISKL an extensive background in the successful delivery of social infrastructure projects across both the educational and health sectors in Australia and the Middle East.

    Before joining ISKL in late 2015, David spent 20 years with a leading global contracting company progressing to the position of Project Director for the construction of the Zayed University Abu Dhabi and more recently Strategic Business Development Manager within the South East Asian region.

    David holds a Bachelor of Construction Management (2nd Class Honors) degree from the University of NSW, Australia and several post graduate diplomas in project management and Occupational Health and Safety.

  • Professor Jason Potts
    Director, Blockchain Hub, RMIT

    Jason Potts is Professor of Economics in the School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University, and Director of the Blockchain Innovation Hub, the first social science research institute on Blockchain in the world. Dr Potts is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia and is one of Australia’s top economists, specialising in economic growth, innovation and institutions, as well as the theory of economic evolution and complexity. His work has been applied to the economics of creative industries, intellectual property, and cities, and common pool resources.

    He received the Australian Research Council's Future Fellowship, and won the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Prize. He has written five books and published over 80 articles on these themes, and is a regular media commentator. He is currently the Vice-President of the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society, an Adjunct Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, editor of the Cambridge Elements series on Evolutionary Economics, and editor of the Journal of Institutional Economics.

  • Chris Rasmussen
    Former CIO, Curtin University

    Chris Rasmussen is a highly experienced and business focussed IT Leader with a long track record of successful digital transformation, organisational change management and technology leadership. Proven ability to develop and deliver strategic IT direction and associated initiatives that clearly align with and enable the achievement of business strategy and objectives.

    Chris has worked in a wide variety of industries over his 30-year career, including higher education, engineering & construction, mining, oil & gas, banking, and defence.  Chris also has experience across numerous other industries gained while he was working for several IT service and solution providers such as Sperry, Oracle and PeopleSoft.  This experience was gained working in Australia and Asia.

    Most recently, Chris was CIO at Curtin University where he led a team of more than 200 IT professionals. Chris established the Digital Futures Portfolio which transformed the front-line University systems and services, as well as and ensuring the necessary technological expertise was in place to support them.   In addition to this, he also led the transformation of the Curtin IT Services (CITS) team to make it into a strategic business partner supporting the success of the University.  This transformation included a shift to agile work practices, cultivating an environment that fosters innovation and creativity and establishing a Design Thinking practice.

    Prior to Curtin University, Chris was the GM – Information Technology for Monadelphous Group Ltd. Responsible for global IT operations with services to around 80 sites across multiple countries.  From 2005 to 2008, Chris was the Director – Information Technology Services at the University of Western Australia, Perth, responsible for overall University IT strategy and core IT services. Chris has also held director and advisory roles on a number of boards.

    Chris holds memberships with the Australian Computer Society (ACS), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) – US Computer Society, Project Management Institute (PMI), Information systems Audit & Control
    Association (ISACA), and the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

  • Paul Savitz
    Director - Student Accommodation , Savills Australia and New Zealand

    Paul is a property professional with over 12 years consulting and advisory experience, providing tailored research based advice, thought leadership and property market analysis services to support clients of their strategic objectives.

    Since moving to Australia in 2014 from the UK, Paul continued his PBSA advisory specialism. Having first analysed the UK PBSA sector in 2008 whilst employed with Savills UK, Paul has had recent dealings with providing “demand side” property due diligence for PBSA transactions and market due diligence. Paul's independent advice and data modelling provides a necessary insight into the key indicators and drivers of the PBSA market.

    Paul is regularly quoted in the national Australian press on issues relating to student accommodation, routinely publishes reports on the Australian student accommodation market and frequently presents on the topic.

  • Georgia Singleton
    Global Head of Education, Woods Bagot

    As Director and Global Education and Science sector leader, Georgia continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to the sector’s ongoing development across the world. Considering the impact of architecture on user experience, Georgia is interested in understanding how the workplace environment can affect the behavior of researchers and practitioners within health precincts and using that information to inform the way space is configured. Having worked on a diverse range and scale of architectural and interiors focused projects, Georgia seeks to push traditional building and fit-out typologies with dynamic, highly integrated and research-driven solutions. Georgia’s key projects include the UNSW Bio Science, UTS, Sydney Uni Business School, WSU Paramatta and Glasgow Engineering.

  • Dr Suresh Sood
    Brand & Behavioral Data Scientist, Regional Director, Fanplayr Inc

    Using behavioural e-commerce techniques enable the transformation of brick-and-mortar businesses into integrated online-offline models e.g. click to collect. Suresh brings a rare blend of hands-on experience with big data science and artificial intelligence creating business transformation and new revenue streams.

  • Neil Temperley

    Executive Product Manager - Future Cities, Transport and Logistics Living Lab Mentor, Data61 CSIRO

    Dr Neil Temperley is part of Data61’s product management team focusing on future cities and the role of data and analytics to solve future city challenges.  Neil advocates a ‘cities by design’ approach where future user-focused vision drives our understanding of the future role of data.
    He believes in the power of living lab collaboration to drive both effective innovation and industry culture transformation.

    Leveraging a background in engineering, science and industry engagement, Neil has helped establish two industry clusters including Australia’s first Living Laboratory in 2011. This cluster and knowledge hub focussed on collaborative projects and challenges in Transport and Logistics.

    Neil sits on the board of the Australian Living Lab Innovation Network and the industry board of the Australian Smart Communities Association.

  • Dave Towey
    Manager - Digital Environments , SUPERSPACE, Woods Bagot

    Dave Towey is a Senior Associate at Woods Bagot and a member of SUPERSPACE, the design research agency of Woods Bagot. SUPERSPACE develops computational platforms for human-centric spatial environments simulating user-experiences employing data analysis, cognitive science and machine learning. SUPERSPACE has been a pioneer in computational planning since 2004 when it was originally set up as the first global professional Computational Design group at Aedas in London, to focus on users and spatial performance.

    Towey is a multidisciplinary designer and technologist who develops interactive visualisation models to support data-driven decision making and evidence-based design.

  • Andrew Vamvakaris
    Director, Property & Economic Development, La Trobe University

    For the past 20 years, Andrew has worked in Real Estate Development & Advisory throughout the Eastern Seaboard of Australia and Internationally. His experience has been gained across both private sector and public sector organisations, at small, medium and large enterprise levels. Andrew leads the Property & Economic Development team at La Trobe University in his role as Director. La Trobe’s Melbourne campus is planning a $5 Billion transformation programme for its 240ha campus into a City for over 20,000 workers, 40,000 students, and 12,000 residents.

    Andrew is responsible for public and private partnerships in the development of retail, residential, hospital & health care, aged care, student accommodation, sports & recreation, and research & innovation. Andrew has an undergraduate degree in Property Economics from QUT, and master’s degree in Urban & Regional Planning from Curtin University, and executive certificates in Real Estate & Hotel Investment from Cornell University.